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Mixed Perennial Border with pinks and blues

Austin Ganim Landscape Design provides design, installation, and maintenance services to residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes.  Whether it's new construction or renovation to an existing landscape, careful attention is given to our customers needs by identifying the appropriate services to make the client’s wishes a reality while still taking into consideration their financial concerns.

The Austin Ganim Landscape Design philosophy is focused on creating a timeless landscape, with which our client is pleased not only at completion but continues to grow fonder of over the years. We create landscape design concepts from a series of meetings through which we develop an understanding of your tastes and lifestyle needs, as well as determining what we should enhance whether it be a natural site feature or existing architectural element that will we will compliment with our design. Our backgrounds in horticulture, garden design, historic preservation and landscape architecture provide us with a unique and extensive plant and materials palatte to draw from, allowing us to create elegant combinations of colors and textures. 

Landscape Master Plan
Container Planting

We pride ourselves on the fact that our personal design aesthetics vary dramatically, giving you our customer a wider spectrum of design styles to choose from and a second opinion that’s not just a nod.

Through an integrated design approach we strive to create a seamless transition between the home and garden, the landscapes and gardens we create become an extension of your home. Whether your style is classical, contemporary or you are just uncertain as to what your style is, we can help you transform your property to express your personal tastes.

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