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Landscape Architects are licensed professionals who provide formal landscape design services, which integrate softscape (plant material) and hardscape (masonry, fencing, etc...) elements and often require coordination with other licensed professionals such as architects and engineers.  Landscape architectural drawings begin as informal sketches and eventually become technical or CAD drawings. There are many types and phases of landscape architectural services: Site Analysis, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Master Plans, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bid Phase Services and Construction Administration.  The design is developed over a series of meetings with the client and other design professionals; the number of meetings is determined by the scope of the work.
Examples of Landscape Architecture Services:

  • Site Analysis to assist the Owner, Architect, or Builder to locate buildings
  • Conservation Area Planting Plans for review by Conservation or Wetlands Commissions
  • Subdivision for review by Planning & Zoning Boards
  • Phased Master Plan
  • Grading Plan to integrate architectural and site features into cohesive landforms that accommodate water management and drainage issues.
  • Construction Details to create an outdoor kitchen includes for masonry, pergolas etc…, which can be bid for installation
  • Locate and  provide design guidance and permit drawings for Pools, Tennis Courts & Sports Court


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Landscape and Garden design services are typically provided by individuals who have formal education and a degree in ornamental horticulture or landscape architecture.  These services lean towards the semi-formal design practices, typically a series of design sketches, schematic landscape plan or planting plan are created.  Landscape and Garden designs focus on planting design and often integrate hardscape elements (patios, fences, water features, etc…) into the overall site design and identify potential materials; formal construction drawings are not created, the details are left up to the contractor. These are often created and rendered by hand, occasionally will be converted to CAD drawings.  There are only a few phases associated with Landscape and Garden Design Services: Conceptual Design, Master Plans and Design Development.  Typically the design is developed over a series of three-five meetings with the owner and associated design professionals.
Examples of Landscape & Garden Design Services:

  • Phased Residential Schematic Master Plan
  • Garden Rooms integrating patios and plantings
  • Site Planting Plan
  • Privacy Screens




Master Plan Services can fall under either Landscape Architecture or Landscape/Garden Design Services depending on what the overall purpose of the drawings that are produced.
Examples of Master Plan Services

  • Subdivision Plans
  • Schematic Landscape Master Plan for phased installation


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Landscape Consultations are our basic landscape design service, appropriate for smaller projects such as foundation plantings or garden renovations that do require any drawings.  Typically we meet with you to discuss your landscape preferences and needs and provide you with a written proposal for the work at later date.


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Whether you are looking to enhance the everyday appearance of you garden or spruce up your landscape for a special occasion we can assist you in the selection of site furnishings, garden accents, seasonal décor or floral arrangements.


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In the future, in conjuction with Ganim's Garden Center, we plan to offer a line of predesigned perennial gardens, shrub borders, container plantings, and vegetable gardens. These will be available on-line & at the garden center as do-it-yourself kits or with installation services provided by our trained crews.



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